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    Post: Edward Byrne

    Posted by Lowell V. Keef Jr. on 4/14/07

    Edward Byrne

    In my investigation of a Sting Operation, I called the
    Oregon State Police to file a complaint and
    ask for an investigation . I was told I would need to go
    to the O.S.P. office that my complaint was
    against and they would look into it . I then went to the
    O.S.P. office in Coos Bay, Oregon to file
    my complaint . I met Lieutenant Fry and tried to explain
    the problem, Mr. Fry became upset that I
    was complaining about Sergeant Smartt and asked me to
    leave . I then called the O.S.P. in Central
    Point, Oregon and explained the problem . They gave me a
    tracking number and suggested I call
    O.S.P. headquarters in Salem, Oregon . I spoke to Eric
    Davenport of Internal Affairs and he
    informed me he knew Sergeant Smartt personally, and he
    would look into it, and get back with

    Mr. Davenport soon called and said, because he knew Mr.
    Smartt personally, my complaint would
    be handled by Eric Rodriguez at Central Point . I then
    informed Mr. Rodriguez of my complaint,
    an mailed him the information I had found . Mr. Rodriguez
    informed me he would not investigate
    my complaint. I then put my complaint in writing and with
    certified mail sent the complaint to the
    Edward Byrne program in Salem, Oregon and in Washington,
    D.C. no action was taken and
    neither office replied . I have posted the letter at my
    web-site, and it is interesting to note, that in
    my reference material, is a press release called squeeky
    wheel, and the man who promoted
    Sergeant Smartt to Lieutenant, is Eric Rodriguez .

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