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    Post: Lived with woman 26 years can she take everything?

    Posted by Jari on 4/16/07

    I need help. My very close friend has lived with a woman
    for 26 years. They have 5 children together all who are
    now over the age of 18. The woman met a man on the
    internet and left this family. They did not know where she
    was. Then she finally told them and now that the man has
    decided to go on with his life after a year of waiting she
    has decided that she wants everything. She came to his
    home and took all the electronics,Computers, widescreens,
    bed sets etc......... Now she wants him for alimony. She
    says that she deserves this but can work. What are his
    rights? I really need to help him. Thank You!

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