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    Post: Ethics in Job Change

    Posted by Pete on 7/16/07

    just started a new job with a small plaintiff's firm a
    month ago. Like the people and the work. The money isn't
    the greatest, but I can support my family. Out of the
    blue -- and unsolicited -- I get contacted by a comparable
    firm wanting to know if I have any interest in joining it.
    I blew off the initial inquiry, but the firm has been
    persistent and I took a meeting. They're willing to offer
    a salary increase of 40% over what I'm making now. Plus a
    percentage of the fees I generate.

    If this opportunity had reared its head before I took my
    current job, I would have jumped on it. However, I feel
    that if I pursue the opportunity now, I am betraying my
    current employer.

    Ultimately, my duty is to my family, but at what cost?

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