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    Post: IRS levy of excluded assets post BK

    Posted by Chris on 11/05/07

    I cannot find any case law supporting the IRS's ability to
    levy a 401K account post chapter 7 discharge without a
    lien. If the tax liability has been discharged and there
    was no lien filed how can they levy the excluded assets of
    a 401K? I know if a lien had been filed that would
    survive the 7 discharge. I also know that the IRS doesn't
    need lien to levy a 401K account. They also say they
    don't need a lien to levy excluded assets but I don't see
    how that can work once the liability is discharged. What
    are they levying the account for? I hoping to get some
    history before contacting the counsel the field agent is
    working with.
    Thanks for any help.

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