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    Post: Mike Nifong

    Posted by Lowell on 11/12/07

    In the Duke rape case the defendants were from wealthy
    family's and could afford the best legal defense. Mike
    Nifong the prosecutor in that case was found guilty of
    ethics violations. The witness in the Duke case had a
    problem with drugs and was diagnosed Bi-Polar.In Coos
    County,Oregon the prosecutor was wealthy and the
    defendants were from poor family's.

    The witness in this case was a school bus driver and the
    only eye witness in a drug sting operation that netted 24
    people. The school bus driver had a problem with drugs and
    was also diagnosed Bi-Polar, Yet this information is being
    ignored by the press. Her psychiatrist did not testify at
    any of the trials and she testifys she took no medication
    while working for SCINT during the 18 month investigation.
    Ms. Maver was diagnosed by the state, and according to
    law, must have had at least one serious incident of manic-
    depression to be diagnosed. The state and the press are
    involved in a cover-up that would expose civil rights

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