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    Post: Retroactive child support order

    Posted by AVE on 12/21/07

    could any of you attys tell me what is legal? I was
    awarded retroactive child support a month ago by a judge.
    My X husband owes my76 daughter and I a significant amount
    of money that the X forced me to take him to court to get.
    I was awarded this and the X's wife wrote me out a check
    for $188.00 which is one sixteenth of what they owe me. On
    top of that it bounced. I have yet to receive the rest of
    the judgement. How long does he have to pay me after a
    judgement. The court hearing was already postponed for 8
    weeks and now it's been one month since the judgement. Is
    it legal for my X to make up his own payment plan and pay
    me whenever he wants? He makes VERY good money. PS I am
    pro per..I cannot afford an atty unfortunately.

    Thank-you in advance!!

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