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    Post: Forced eval by X when on disability?

    Posted by AVE on 12/29/07

    I am disabled and have been put on Permanent by the state.
    My X husband is trying to make me have vocational
    evaluation and is filing a motion to get the judge to MAKE
    me have a Vocational evaluation. He has to pay child
    support and wants me working again so his support payments
    will lower. Will the judge allow his motion to make me be
    evaluated when I am on disability deemed by state? Is this
    legal for him to do this? I have been told by everyone
    that this will not be allowed due to the fact that I am on
    permanent diasability. I do not want to go thru any more
    testing as I already have for years. Medical, neurological
    by my md's, the states MD's and also the defnse md's for
    years and am tired of testing. This is causing me very
    much stress as I do NOT have an attorney and connot afford
    one. I am not able to defend myself in a manner that is
    fair because of my disability. By the way, My husband has
    NEVER had a child support modification until this year
    requested by me. This tactic he is using is only because
    the judge raised his support based on his high income. I
    was awarded retroactive support and he has not paid me yet.
    He does NOT want to give his daughter additional support
    obviously so is trying to hget it lowered already and I
    have not even received the appropriate payment to this
    date. There is no order on the yellow court minute paper I
    received stating when he has to pay me only that he does
    and the amount. He is really making this simple modifiation
    dificult for me and causing me to flare up physically from
    my added stress. This father or X husband has never taken
    his daughter for his alotted visitation in 12 years. His
    average is 1 day per month maybe 2. He has never given an
    extra dime to us in 12 years for support and now, just
    because of my modification order he is really making my
    life miserable. Can any of you help me? HIs attorney is
    nasty to me...his X wife sends me nasty grams as she calls
    them via email. I just want what my daughter deserves and
    the court ordered. HE MAKES lots of money and can afford
    this and lives a VERY nice lifestyle with beautiful homes,
    travel yet even made certain we did not have our support
    durint the CHristmas holiday.

    Thank-you in advance!

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