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    Post: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Cliffnotes

    Posted by Tom Hamilton on 3/04/08

    There may be some DNS interest in this community so I
    thought Iíd drop of this information to hopefully resolve
    some of your questions. Lawyers are second only to Doctors
    in regards to their usage of speech recognition. If
    allowed I would very much like to stop by every now and
    then and answer any other questions that come up on this

    1. If youíre using Vista itís best to have 3-4 GB of RAM.
    For an XP platform you will require 1 GB of RAM although 2
    would be preferred.The software will run on less but wonít
    be as effective.

    NOTE: If you're looking at buying a new computer to use
    with DNS I would consider looking at ASUS computers.
    Regardless of what system you by, you want a Core2 Duo 2
    GHz or better CPU speed, 2 GB of RAM an XP platform (3 GB
    on Vista), 2 - 4 MB of L2 cache, a SATA hard drive of at
    least 100 GB although you may be able get 160 for about the
    same price. Your soundcard will be important so go with a
    mid to high end Soundblaster.

    2. If you are not using a Soundblaster card(or other high
    end after market soundcard) donít depend on the integrated
    soundcard in your computer as it is probably poorly
    shielded. Get yourself an external soundcard (USB Pod) and
    use a USB port on the back of your computer as opposed to
    the front.

    3. Here is a copy of the manual we wrote for version 9.
    Itís designed as version 9.5 upgrade manual but if you are
    a new user to DNS you can download a full copy manual at KnowBrainer Manual

    4. Here is a copy of the KnowBrainer Quick Tips which is
    PDF help file for day to day troubleshooting that is
    updated all the time from questions answered on our forum.

    5. Here is a copy of our DNS 9 Review. I think youíll find
    it pretty thorough.

    6. For research feel free to use the KnowBrainer Speech
    Recognition Forum as it is by far the largest and most
    active of its kind.

    7. I know there are quite a few users of NaturallySpeaking
    version 9 who donít know about the Free upgrade to 9.5.
    Then there are some that do but donít have time to find a
    path to it and worry about difficulty installing it. You
    should always use the most updated software especially when
    itís free. Version 9.5 consolidates the code between
    version 9 and 9.1 and contains a few minor tweaks. The
    main purpose for the upgrade is for Vista compatibility.
    Here is your path and instructions - DNS 9.5 Update Guide

    KnowBrainer, Inc. Support Staff Ė Tom Hamilton
    Now Providing FREE (1st 5 min.) Tech Support 615-884-4558
    A Nuance Gold Certified Endorsed Vendor
    ALWAYS Ask If Your Speech Recognition Vendor Is Nuance

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