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    Re: Speeding ticket and officers comments

    Posted by TicketGuy on 3/26/08

    A the other poster/commentator stated that is the Stalker
    model & ser. #. I think the Dsr 2x means dual screen, one
    screen tracks the cars approaching from the rear and one
    tracks the vehicles in front. If you and another vehicle were
    in close proximity the officer only saw one reading, that of
    the faster or larger vehicle. example SemiTruck going 55, you
    in subcompact going 65. Dsr Stalker captures speed of larger

    In any case if you ask the officer exactly which vehicle the
    radar was tracking he cannot say it was yours or the
    other "exactly". If you get him to say that he cannot say
    that he is 100% sure it was your vehicle the signal came from
    then this might help you in court. Ofcourse in traffic court
    the standard is preponderance of evidence, that another issue
    apart from the tecknology of the Radar.

    He might say, I recieved a signal of 60mph and observed both
    bvehicles traveling side by side or one infront of the other
    at the stated speed. But he cannot say that it was your
    vehicle that the radar signal "bounced off". Be cause his
    radar has a "funel wide mouth' at the target end, like
    a "shotgun" where the signal is wider or spread out at the
    furthest point.

    The Model this officer is using may be an older model. As the
    newst model Stalker has 4 screens.

    fighting a radar enforced speeding ticket is extremely
    dificult but it can be done.

    Good luck.


    On 3/17/08, name wrote:
    > On 3/13/08, Brad Benifiel wrote:
    >> I recieved a speeding ticket, along with another vehicle.
    >> I was trying to get ahead of him because the road was
    >> about to merge, but he wouldent let me over so i went
    >> faster and so did he. It turned in to a sort of race if u
    >> wanna call it that anyways i got a speeding ticket. In
    >> the section where it says "other violations or comments
    >> pertaining to the offense" the officer marked " Stalker
    >> DSR 2x S/N DC090723" and i was just wondering what this
    >> meant. Thanks you very much Brad Benifiel.
    > That's the model and serial number of the radar gun the
    > officer used.

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