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    Re: hippa violation?

    Posted by celeste on 3/31/08

    thank you for your response. my hiusband taped recorded the
    conversation with the worker, that is how i know. i live in a
    very small area and i have not been able to find an attorney
    who even knows what hippa is.
    On 3/31/08, Gil wrote:
    > You should consult an attorney in your area. It sounds like
    > you have a legitimate claim. Especially if your damages are
    > real, how do you know the social worker told your husband
    > the private information? Definately talk to a lawyer.
    > On 3/30/08, celeste wardrop wrote:
    >> i signed a medical release for a worker of social services
    >> who turned around and told my husband several things that
    >> were in the records, which he would have never found out
    > if
    >> she had not told him. he is contemplating a divorce now.
    >> they were not illegal things. they were from my mental
    >> health records. what can i do?

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