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    Re: Marriage?

    Posted by susie Q on 7/30/08

    On 6/29/08, Frankie wrote:
    > On 6/29/08, thompson4 wrote:
    >> We (my "husband" and I) have been together for 30 years.
    >> We need to get married legally. The problem is I have been
    >> using his last name the entire time. How do we start the
    >> process? We already share the same last name. We live in
    >> New Jersey. Please advice!!
    > First determine whether your state recognizes common-law
    > marriages. If yes, then you may be already considered
    > Alternatively, apply for a marriage license and seek out
    > someone who can perform the marriage (i.e. a judge,
    > clergy/priest, or notary public).

    You are living with an assumed name. The name is false
    Your name to be reconized as legal or changed from your legal
    birth record the following must be done.

    Apply for a name change legally, either through a legal
    reconized marriage or apply for a name change legally.

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