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    Post: Harassing neighbor

    Posted by Gina Gutierrez on 9/02/08

    I have a neighbor who is harassing and stalking our family.
    We've had problems with her for 5 years. She is following
    my children on her bike and car. She drives her car
    towards them as if she's going to hit them. We have three
    case numbers on her. Today we called the Sheriff because
    she stated she was going to kill our cat and my son ran
    home scared. She has been riding her bike harassing us in
    front of our home and then go into her car racing after my
    12 year old daughter. My children are afraid. This woman
    is going to hurt my children.

    To top this off, she is a 49 year old Court Reporter!!! We
    had to call the Sheriff back again tonight for her chasing
    my daughter down in her car.

    Can't someone help US!!! She's crazy!

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