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    Re: Void Marriage and Remarriage

    Posted by Yvonne on 12/15/08

    Thanks Frankie,

    I live in Florida. Do you have a link or resource to direct
    me to. I will try to search as well. I have been finding
    that it is void so far on all I have looked up. Thanks again.

    On 12/15/08, Frankie wrote:
    > On 9/20/08, Yvonne wrote:
    >> PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    >> I was married in 1988. I remarried in 1991 thinking that my
    >> first marriage was final in the courts. I had to refile.
    >> The first marriage became final in 1994. From what I have
    >> read, the second marriage is void with no need to file any
    >> paperwork. I want to be sure. I want to get remarried now.
    >> I want to make sure that the second marriage does not
    >> require any filings and I can move forward.
    > Assuming your state does not have any peculiar marriage
    > statutes, the second marriage is void. It would be considered
    > a bigamous marriage, which are void in most states.
    > Cheers,

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