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    Post: Terminated agreement

    Posted by Ben on 11/24/08

    I was recruited by an industry headhunter for an out of
    state job. I accepted the job to build and manage a
    manufacturing facility. The Group which interviewed me
    told me to come as quickly as possible, because everything
    was in place with the investment group and they wanted to
    start immediately. After several months I've been told
    there was no contract between the investors and they
    changed their minds and decided to terminate our
    agreement. My performance hasn't been questioned, and I
    did everything asked of me. They simply aren't going to do
    the project, because they never could decide on the
    division of ownership. Now I'm in serious debt, I still
    haven't been able to sell my previous home; I've purchased
    a neww home here and I can't afford to pay my bills much
    longer. I am currently looking for another job. My wife
    and children are devistated, crying and depressed. Do I
    have any legal recourse with this "investment group" since
    they overstated the formation of the investment group and
    their commitment or rediness to begin. The men who hired
    me all have successful businesses so my family is the only
    ones hurt in this decision

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