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    Re: Too Many Laws!

    Posted by Early Wynn on 2/11/09

    Great poem, Mr. Parkerson!
    Keep up the good work!
    Post some more of those
    great legal poems. EARLY

    On 1/30/09, Hardy Parkerson, J.D. wrote:
    > Phone's been a'ringin'
    > Off the wall.
    > People with trouble
    > Continue to call.
    > Too many lawyers,
    > I've heard 'em say;
    > But I say we don't
    > Have enough today.
    > People got problems
    > And serious ones too.
    > Call for the lawyer
    > To learn whaat to do.
    > Some of 'em ev'n got
    > A few bucks to pay;
    > And when they do,
    > It makes my day.
    > Law books becomin'
    > A thing of the past.
    > Wonder how long
    > This thing's gonna last.
    > Just got a call
    > From the F.B.I.
    > Wants to talk to my client
    > Who ain't gonna lie.
    > Boy, I need a break,
    > Just a brief pause.
    > It's not too many lawyers,
    > But too many laws.
    > -h. parkerson

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