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    Post: Old Hardy's Summation

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, J.D. on 1/30/09

    Old Hardy's Summation

    Old Hardy went to court and then
    Pled his case, that he might win.
    Throughout the trial the judge did doze,
    Until he heard Old Hardy close.

    "Yer Honner, I know this case is boring;
    But, as I said, when you were snoring,
    Defendant failed to use due care;
    Now plaintiff's damages he must repair.

    "We've made our case and filed our brief,
    And now we ask for just relief;
    We've waited patiently for this day,
    And now it's time defendant pay.

    "The plaintiff's neck did whip and lash
    And now she needs a stash of cash
    To compensate her for her pains,
    Cervical and lumbar strains."

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