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    Post: FL foreclosure question

    Posted by adam on 2/23/09

    Florida Law

    this is a 3 part question.
    Part1: I bought my home in FL while I was single. I am now
    married ( married in the state in NJ) where I live now. My
    house is in F/C and we have never been served papers but
    both my wife and i were served seperately today with A
    Notice of Hearing for Summary Final Judgement and awarding
    of attorney's fees. Mynew wife in not on either the MTG or
    the deed. Can they come after her for any money or place a
    lien on her credit?

    Part 2: I spoke to the attorney handling the case and they
    said that they are only seeking the real property, not the
    deficiency balance. ( I have a 1st and 2nd mtg by the way).
    Should I just trust what she is saying and not be concerned
    with the potential deficiency balance amount?

    Part 3: Can I request at this point a deed in Lieu vs F/C
    with the attorney or is it too late in the process?

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