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    Post: We Need Your Help Finding Secrets for a Television Show

    Posted by Lee on 2/27/09


    We need your help to refer us to any clients who may be
    seeking redemption by publicly sharing their secret/story.
    We are looking for lost heirs, someone who secretly paid
    for someone's college education, or someone who has
    committed a wrong and needs to face the person and say what
    they feel. We are NOT looking for criminal cases. A good
    example is the recent John Lewis story, where the man who
    beat him during the Civil Rights Movement came forward
    seeking forgiveness.

    If you know someone of interest, please put them in touch
    with us. See below.

    We are an Emmy Award winning production company looking for
    men and women who have kept a secret close to their heart
    and now would like to reveal the truth. Sharing it could
    help others and allow you to find peace and closure.

    We are experienced in honoring sensitive and intimate
    stories. We are not interested in any revelation that would
    exploit, embarrass or hurt others.

    You can contact us in confidence and confidentiality at To view some of our work and our
    credentials log on to

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