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    Post: General Marketing & Advertising Question

    Posted by Heather on 3/13/09

    I am a new attorney recently admitted to the Bar. I
    recently joined a small firm in a large metropolitan area,
    but currently there is not enough caseload such that I have
    not yet obtained a full-time associate position. I am
    reaching out to other personal injury law firms to discover
    what marketing and advertising has worked for you in hopes
    of improving any chances of success in my endeavor to create
    a full time associate position for myself.

    I am just getting started, and I have looked into a few
    different forms of advertising and marketing but there is
    not a significant amount of information regarding statistics
    with attorney advertising.

    Do you have any recommendations including any forms of
    advertising or specific marketing that you have found that
    works particularly well or any other pertinent advice to
    help me from reinventing the wheel?

    My goal is to generate an increased caseload to create a
    full time associate position for myself in the firm.

    Thank you for any consideration. I recognize that any
    advice you give me would be a favor, and I realize that your
    time is valuable. I would be happy to reciprocate in any
    way I can so feel free to ask. I can be reached by e-mail
    at I would greatly appreciate any
    advice you can give me.

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