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    Re: Need Help!

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson on 3/17/09

    Dear Kayla,

    I suggest you try once more to establish
    communicaions between you and your lawyer;
    and, if that fails to produce favorable
    results, ask her for a refund of what you
    have paid her and get another attorney. There
    is more to it all than this, but this is
    my first suggestion. Best of luck!


    Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    Lake Charles, LA

    On 3/17/09, Kayla wrote:
    > I need someones help please. My subject is Divorce. My ex
    > and I have been seprated since january 15 2008. We also
    > have 2 boys. (minors) my problem is that I can not seem to
    > get my attorney to do anything. I paid her in full and she
    > has not yet set any court dates. I've confronted her and
    > everytime she has no idea who I am. What do I do?

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