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    Re: Need Help!

    Posted by Ismael on 6/10/09

    On 3/17/09, Kayla wrote:
    > I need someones help please. My subject is Divorce. My ex
    > and I have been seprated since january 15 2008. We also
    > have 2 boys. (minors) my problem is that I can not seem to
    > get my attorney to do anything. I paid her in full and she
    > has not yet set any court dates. I've confronted her and
    > everytime she has no idea who I am. What do I do?

    Okay Kayla,
    I'm only 16 yrs old but i think i know what you should do. If
    your attorney is not doing the job that was paid in "full"
    for, you should definitely report her the the city you live
    in. You can get your money back if nothing has been done, And
    you should find you another attorney.
    That has happened to a family member of mine, and they got
    their money back and also found a new attorney. And when i say
    report your attorney, i mean file a complaint.

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