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    Post: teacher announced med., injury to classroom

    Posted by vj on 6/04/09

    my sons 13 he was seriously injuried 2 weeks ago and
    almost died he had blunt force trauma which caused him to
    bleed internally and bleed out. his school was told he was
    done for the year and needed a tutor to finish out the
    school year. the nurse, counsler, and principal said
    unless we tell the school his exact injury they would not
    help us.. mind you we have a drs note from the top ped's
    surgen at childrens in wa excusing him from school for the
    year. the prinicpal refused to talk to us at all for any
    of it never returned phone calls it took us days to get
    ahold of the nurse.. two nights ago my son started
    reciving emails saying the teacher told the whole class
    about his injury and even where & in graphic detail about
    his personal injury and even mentioned his gentials (that
    were not injuried) i just want to know what i can do if
    any law was broken etc... im at a loss for words and now
    my sons humiliated and doesnt want to even return to
    school next year he's asked to move several times. i dont
    know what to do

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