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    Re: California Moral Character Application

    Posted by Jordan on 1/26/10

    On 12/19/09, Jordan wrote:
    > Wow, what did you do? Did they send the denial to you by
    > certified mail? After having attended an informal conference,
    > all I can say is that an informal conference is like Fight Club.
    > First rule of the informal conference....don't talk about the
    > informal conference. Think about it, have you ever heard anyone
    > talk about what happens in there? I will say that it was one of
    > the top 3 most unpleasant experiences of my life. I'm still
    > waiting for an answer but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    Update: I got denied. I found out on Dec. 21, right before
    Christmas. I love animals so I was like "well, at least I have my
    dog and my cat" and then my cat died on Dec. 30. Bad times.
    > On 12/18/09, JJ wrote:
    >> I waited 20 months from the date all their questions were
    >> answered about missing information on the file (the date they
    >> considered it filed) only to receive a denial without even an
    >> invitation for an informal hearing. :-(
    >> On 7/08/09, waiting wrote:
    >>> Lawyers, can you please tell us about your experience with
    >>> the CA Moral Character Application? How long did it take?
    >>> Did they contact you for more information? Did you hound
    >>> them by mail or telephone and if so how often? Were you
    >>> asked for a personal interview? Did you sue over an adverse
    >>> determination? Anyone sue based on the idea that, after a
    >>> point, a long wait time constitutes a denial? A lot of us
    >>> are waiting and waiting for months on end. We are trying to
    >>> find information on how to move the process along. Many of
    >>> us have no criminal record, are not rude, etc.. Thanks for
    >>> whatever information you can supply !

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