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    Re: California Moral Character Application

    Posted by Jordan on 12/19/09

    Wow, what did you do? Did they send the denial to you by
    certified mail? After having attended an informal conference,
    all I can say is that an informal conference is like Fight Club.
    First rule of the informal conference....don't talk about the
    informal conference. Think about it, have you ever heard anyone
    talk about what happens in there? I will say that it was one of
    the top 3 most unpleasant experiences of my life. I'm still
    waiting for an answer but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    On 12/18/09, JJ wrote:
    > I waited 20 months from the date all their questions were
    > answered about missing information on the file (the date they
    > considered it filed) only to receive a denial without even an
    > invitation for an informal hearing. :-(

    > On 7/08/09, waiting wrote:
    >> Lawyers, can you please tell us about your experience with
    >> the CA Moral Character Application? How long did it take?
    >> Did they contact you for more information? Did you hound
    >> them by mail or telephone and if so how often? Were you
    >> asked for a personal interview? Did you sue over an adverse
    >> determination? Anyone sue based on the idea that, after a
    >> point, a long wait time constitutes a denial? A lot of us
    >> are waiting and waiting for months on end. We are trying to
    >> find information on how to move the process along. Many of
    >> us have no criminal record, are not rude, etc.. Thanks for
    >> whatever information you can supply !

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