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    Re: Judge Wilfred Carter

    Posted by concerned on 8/15/09

    On 8/01/09, Hardy Parkerson, J.D. wrote:
    > Judge Wilfred Carter is the best judge on
    > the Bench in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana;
    > sometimes called "Calciraq Parish". Thelocal
    > newspaper trashes him because it sells
    > papers. The White racists hate him
    > because he takes care of his "constituency".
    > Of course, judges are not supposed to have
    > "constitutiencies"; but we all know they do.
    > There is more to it all than this, but this
    > is something to think about.
    > Sincerely,
    > Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    > Lake Charles, LA
    > (Retired from law practice
    > after 41 years)
    Carter is a real low life and lets criminals out with no
    bail, most of which reside in his district, The others are
    female inmates who manage to be let out without paying any
    bail. Now I guess he really decided to step the sleaze up to
    a whole new level by letting someone out who not only
    assaulted a cop but knowingly assaulted him. He has time and
    time again put the public at risk by letting criminals out
    of jail for little or no bail money. He is everything wrong
    with our justice system wrapped up in an incompetent
    nutshell. The only thing this guy is good at is giving aid
    and comfort to criminals. If you want to release a criminal
    to prey upon the public, let them stay in your district
    judge, not mine.

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