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    Re: Judge Wilfred Carter

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, J.D. on 9/19/09

    Dear Friends,

    Mary Fontenot is wrong about agreeing with me. I personally
    think Judge Wilfred Carter is the best judge on the Bench in 14th
    Judicial District Court, sitting in and for the parish (county)
    of Calcasieu, state of Louisiana; and this is not to take
    anything away from the other good and some great judges there. I
    am not the one who wrote and posted the "low life" comment that
    appears below this and said Mary Fontenot's posting.

    Here's a little limmerick I wrote about him:

    There once was a judge named Carter,
    Who was smart as a fox, if not smarter.
    He made a decision
    'Bout an auto collision,
    Gave the plaintiff a million-and-a-quarter.

    Of course, humor intended!


    Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    Retired Lawyer, after 41 years
    Lake Charles, LA

    On 8/23/09, Mary Fontenot wrote:
    > I have to agree with Mr. Hardy Parkerson. Too many times has
    > Judge Carter sided with the criminals, letting them go, posting
    > low bonds or no bonds. What kind of message is this sending to
    > our law enforcemnt officers and the public. Deputy Logan
    > Armistead lays in a coma from a beating by two individuals. One
    > individual of which Judge Carter let loose on $500,000 Security
    > Bond. Which means no money had to be put up front What if this
    > young Deputy does not make it through this. Then we will have a
    > murderer running lose. How do we get justice with that kind of
    > Judge. He should be removed from the bench. He has made too
    > many serious mistakes letting criminals off too easy.
    > On 8/15/09, concerned wrote:
    >> On 8/01/09, Hardy Parkerson, J.D. wrote:
    >>> Judge Wilfred Carter is the best judge on
    >>> the Bench in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana;
    >>> sometimes called "Calciraq Parish". Thelocal
    >>> newspaper trashes him because it sells
    >>> papers. The White racists hate him
    >>> because he takes care of his "constituency".
    >>> Of course, judges are not supposed to have
    >>> "constitutiencies"; but we all know they do.
    >>> There is more to it all than this, but this
    >>> is something to think about.
    >>> Sincerely,
    >>> Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    >>> Lake Charles, LA
    >>> (Retired from law practice
    >>> after 41 years)
    >> Carter is a real low life and lets criminals out with no
    >> bail, most of which reside in his district, The others are
    >> female inmates who manage to be let out without paying any
    >> bail. Now I guess he really decided to step the sleaze up to
    >> a whole new level by letting someone out who not only
    >> assaulted a cop but knowingly assaulted him. He has time and
    >> time again put the public at risk by letting criminals out
    >> of jail for little or no bail money. He is everything wrong
    >> with our justice system wrapped up in an incompetent
    >> nutshell. The only thing this guy is good at is giving aid
    >> and comfort to criminals. If you want to release a criminal
    >> to prey upon the public, let them stay in your district
    >> judge, not mine.

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