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    Re: life insurance policy

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 10/07/09

    Most group life insurance policies have a provision that
    states that if no beneficiary is named, the proceeds are
    payable to the estate of the insured. That means that the
    benefits are an estate asset. If the probate estate is
    still open, you need to file a motion to marshall assets (or
    whatever it's called in your state). Your step-brother will
    need to account to the estate for the money he received. If
    no probate estate was ever opened, you will need to open one
    to go through that procedure.

    On 10/07/09, Paul Endricks wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > Its been a while since I have posted last, but let me
    start by extending my gratitude for all the advice you
    > My curent situaion is as follows: my father passed away
    fathers day last year. His estate has been settled with
    exception to a life insurance policy provided by his
    company. As I understand it he never designated a
    beneficiary to that policy. As a result his former employer
    deemed that policy to my step-brother (the youngest of all
    the children).
    > My question is do I have a legal right to a share of that
    policy? If so, what kind of action plan do I need to

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