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    Post: cdv charge

    Posted by brian wardlaw on 12/05/09

    me my buddy were watching football one night and my
    girlfriend asked me to borrow 20 dollars to get gas.igave
    it to her.she came back 2 hrs laterasking for 40 dollars to
    get beer and pay for her frinds babby-sitter,we were trying
    to set up my buddy.she came back4 hrs later. with no friend
    and no beer.she borrowed my buddys car while do this and
    his gps system got stoled.i asked for my money back and she
    said she didn"t have it. she got mad and slapped me in face
    with her cell phone,then she slapped me again. my buddy got
    mad and called the law. they talked with him first then
    they talked to her. i was on the front porch at the timeand
    he started talking to me.we were alone i told him i needed
    her to leave after i told him what happened.he started
    talking like it was my fault. soi asked him in a
    question "what do yall want me to do kill her"then he asked
    what did you say tried to explain that it was a figure of
    speech that i did not mean it then i told him what i said
    again and tried to explain again it was a figure of speech
    thats when he locked me up i have a bench trial coming up
    in 4 wks my buddy will be there my girl-friend has already
    told the solicitor that i did nothing to her what are my
    chances of getting out of this charge and also need advice
    iam representing myself

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