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    Post: That's Not the Way It's S'posed to Be!

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, J.D. on 1/08/10

    I visit prisons all the time.
    They're filled with men
    Whose greatest crime
    Is that they haven't got a dime.

    They languish in their prison cells,
    Unable there to make their bails;
    For the higher that their bonds are set,
    The more money the judges get.

    Presumed innocent, they serve their time,
    Are not convicted of a crime;
    But despairing in a prison cell,
    They plead guilty to GET OUT OF JAIL.

    And so, my friends, as you can see,
    That's not the way it s'posed to be!
    [In Louisiana the judges who fix the amount
    of the bail bonds get a percentage of the
    money paid to a professional bailbondsman
    for such bail bonds; so that the higher that
    the judges have fixed the bail bonds, the
    more money they get. This is a financial
    conflict of interest, and judges--of all people--
    should not have financial conflicts of interest.
    There is more to it all than this, but this is
    something to think about.]

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