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    Re: dumpster diving - is it a crime?

    Posted by Gomer on 1/26/10

    I think that in some jurisdictions one could take up residence in a dumpster.
    In this case, all deposited items could be interpreted as donations. Check
    with a landlord-tenant attorney to see if this may be a possibility in your

    On 1/26/10, Courtney wrote:
    > I was wondering what one could be charged with if one looks
    > through a dumpster at a CA state university. Can you still
    > be charged with trespass even though the public has access?
    > Is there a crime in looking through the stuff in the
    > dumpster? The intent is not to defraud or steal anyone's
    > identity but more like wanting to whisle blow on something
    > they are doing wrong.

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