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    Post: Question about criminal law, plea bargains

    Posted by Johnny on 2/09/10

    One of my neighbohrs broke into my car and stole a laptop,
    i found out who it was, when i approached him he started
    crying saying he didnt want to go to jail (but he still
    didnt admit he committed the crime, nor did he give back
    my laptop, thus i cant prove it). Plus I dont want to
    press charges against this individual due to the fact that
    he's mentally disturbed and his brother just died in a car
    wreck two weeks ago. I know the reason he doesn't want to
    admit it is because he doesn't want to go to jail. I
    thought of an idea, since all i care about is getting my
    computer back, if i approach his with a release form, in
    which it would state "i wont press charges against him as
    long as he gives me back my laptop." Does anyone know
    where i can acquire a form like that? Like a release form
    or plea bargain form, whatever its called.

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