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    Post: What kind of support do attorneys need?

    Posted by Interested Paralegal on 3/01/10

    I am a paralegal located in Nashville, Tennessee. I
    currently work for a small firm, but I am considering the
    possibility of opening a freelance paralegal business
    providing legal support for attorneys on a freelance
    basis. I have a bachelor's degree in English with an
    emphasis in writing. I have a paralegal certificate from
    an ABA approved school. I am a very logical thinker with
    a knack for legal research and writing. I am attempting
    to develop a line of services I can offer attorneys that
    would focus on these skills.

    The attorneys I currently work for frequently delegate
    legal research and writing tasks to me, particularly in
    cases that involve difficult, labor intensive research
    regarding issues that we don't normally address in our
    area of law. I would like to be able to perform legal
    research and writing as a freelance paralegal on a full
    time basis. However, I am aware that many attorneys
    prefer to hire other attorneys to perform legal research
    and writing tasks. How widespread is this sentiment?
    Would you hire a qualified paralegal to perform freelance
    legal research and writing? If not, why? If so, what are
    your limitations? How much would you be willing to pay
    them for the service?

    I have developed a list of possible services and I would
    love to have as many opinions as possible about whether a
    substantial number of attorneys would be willing to hire a
    paralegal to provide such services, what tips you have,
    and how much you would be willing to pay a freelance
    paralegal. Here are the potential services:

    Drafting legal pleadings, briefs, and contracts.

    Performing legal research, summarizing the research, and
    putting it into a format easily digestible for an attorney.

    Drafting deposition summaries, interrogatories, requests
    for production of documents, requests for admission, and
    responses to interrogatories.

    Assisting attorneys with creating forms for daily use such
    as letters, simple pleadings, form contracts, MDAs, etc.

    I am additionally interested in helping attorneys promote
    themselves as experts in their area of law. Therefore, I
    may additionally decide to offer services performing the
    following tasks:

    Assist attorneys in performing research and drafting
    articles for publication in trade magazines and bar

    Assist attorneys in developing content for teaching
    continuing legal education classes.

    Posting blogs to an attorney's website with content
    intended to promote an attorney's expertise in a
    particular field.

    I would love to have the opinion of as many attorneys as
    possible on these questions. Additionally, if you would
    not be willing to pay a freelance paralegal to perform any
    of these tasks, what would you be willing to pay a
    freelance paralegal to do? What can I do to better assist

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