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    Re: CA moral character app denied - what now?

    Posted by Garrr on 4/13/11

    Oops your post is from March 30 2010, not March 30, 2011. I
    thought you had time to appeal (60 days only). Seriously your
    best bet is to find a new line of work. Getting back to the
    hearing will take 2-4 years.

    About your request for advice; they are not your attorney and
    will not give you any advice worth a damn. They are there to
    deny people by default because of "risk" to the public.

    You have to show rehabilitation after committing misconduct. I
    would recommend that you get letters of recommendation about
    your character all lined up for the informal hearing and in your
    application. They'll make you wait all over again.

    If they deny you again, appeal. Letters of recommendation which
    also address your character and truthfulness should persuade the
    Supreme Court because these people will have known you better
    than the Committee. Its De Novo review and takes more time after
    an informal hearing. Think of denial plus 8 months or more.

    On 4/13/11, Garrrrr wrote:
    > They may say lack of candor, but was there an honest mistake
    > and attempt to correct it by you before the hearing?
    > On 3/30/10, Courtney wrote:
    >> I went to the "informal conference" with the committee on
    >> moral character and fitness in December and consequently
    >> got denied. I called the Director and asked her what I
    >> could do between now and 2 years from now when I could
    >> apply again and she didn't really help me. My biggest thing
    >> I think was lack of candor on my law school application.
    >> How do you fix that? How do I show I'm rehabilitated?
    >> Should I start going to a therapist? I already do a lot of
    >> community service. I'm really depressed about this anyway.
    >> I don't think I'll ever forgive myself. I totally fell
    >> apart at the informal conference and just kept making
    >> things worse. I don't have any more money for lawyers. Any
    >> suggestions?

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