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    Post: Closing out Probate

    Posted by xmasbaby78 on 6/09/10

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Tennessee

    My mother passed 1/10/10. I filed for a petition to
    become the Executor of her estate 2/19/10. The four month
    period for all claims will end 6/19/10.

    My questions are:

    **She had a car that was returned back to the bank. It
    was valued at $17,000. It was sold at an auction for
    $12,500 leaving a $4,500 balance. A claim was submitted
    to probate for the full amount prior to the car being
    sold. Does the bank have to submit another claim to the
    probate for the balance is is the orginial claim still

    **The hospital where she passed never filed a claim with
    her insurance company for her final bill. Instead the
    filed a claim through probate. I have called the hospital
    several times giving them her insurance information. At
    one point I was told that the claim had been proccessed
    and was pending. After consulting with the insurance
    company I found out the hospital never filed a claim and
    that there was nothing pending. As of today, the hospital
    has finally decided to file the claim. Do I have to wait
    for this to be settle before the estate can be closed? I
    have verification of benefits from her job and insurance
    company. What can be done in this case??

    This process has been very overwhelming. I have not had a
    chance to greive for my mother. I want very badly to
    expedite this as quickly as possible. My mother's estate
    is less than $50,000 other than the car and hospital claim
    very few creditors have submitted claims. $8,000 to be
    paid. She was $15,000 in credit card debt.

    **Is it ok for me to agree to pay what is requested so
    everything can be finalized?

    I have a bad feeling my lawyer will try to get me to
    haggle with the creditors, which I don't want to do!!!!

    As I stated before, I am tired and I am ready for this to
    end. My lawyer stated that just because the claim period
    will have ended it could still take MONTHS for the estate
    to close.....

    **Do I have any say in how long the estate should remain
    open after 6/19/10?

    Help advice, thoughts or suggestions will be greatly

    Headed further south once this is resloved!

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