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    Re: open carry knives taken away

    Posted by karaann07 on 11/11/10

    On 8/28/10, zach wrote:
    > On 8/28/10, zach wrote:
    >> i open carry hunting knives, single sided, sheathed, and
    >> fixed. i got stopped today by the cops and they said that
    >> someone said i had ill intent with them, which is totally
    >> false. i said no and informed them that its for outdoor
    >> purposes. they then asked for my ID and i refused, since i
    >> did nothing against the law. they then hand cuffed me,
    >> grabbed my ID then gave me a ticket with a court date and
    >> let me go. i want to know what my case is. i did nothing
    >> wrong, to my knowledge. i did nothing unlawfully, so there
    >> was no need to be IDed.
    > my knives were also taken from me

    Things went wrong when you refused to show your ID. If you
    didn't have anything to hide, you should have handed over your
    ID. They would have confirmed that there are no warrants for
    you, etc., told you to be careful with your knives and let you
    go. Because you chose to exercise your "right" to refuse your
    identification, you gave the impression that there is
    something to be suspicious of. So I'd suggest attending your
    court date and complying with an officer's wish in the future.
    You have no case.

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