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    Re: Black Mold in Apartment Home

    Posted by Will Disclose To Attorney on 11/21/10

    On 11/10/10, karaann07 wrote:
    > On 9/11/10, Will Disclose To Attorney wrote:
    >> I live in an apartment and have consistently asked
    >> management to attend to vents, showers etc. Now myself
    > and
    >> my kids have breathing problems, have problems going to
    > the
    >> bathroom and other sysmptoms which I will discuss with an
    >> attorney.
    >> Please help!
    >> Thank you.
    > Have you documented these requests for service? Was any
    > service provided at all, or were the requests ignored
    > entirely? Before you go the lawyer route, you might make a
    > phone call or two to your local housing department. They
    > can often mediate such things and get them handled pretty
    > quickly. If there is lasting medical damage to you and your
    > family, then I suppose that is a different story...

    Yes, Karaann07,

    I did document the requests, I even have the apartment
    complex's copy of my request and the worker did document my
    statement about my child's asthma issues and migraines.

    Since I posted this request for help on this forum, I had to
    take my children to the doctor who requested that my apartment
    management relocate me. I provided samples and pictures of
    the mold to our doctor.

    The apartment management came and pulled out the air ducts and
    replaced them after the photos and doctor's mandate.
    Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. I would like
    to learn if you are an attorney and if you can help me with my

    Thank you.

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