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    Post: What do I do and how do I stop it?

    Posted by joe niblett on 10/18/10

    I enrolled at university of phoenix in august this year.
    The school at that time NEVER asked for my high school
    records. I found that weird, then saw and heard they were
    doing some shady things from others. On 8/20/10 I withdrew
    for the school and did loan change and things to enroll at
    Wichita State. Every since then I have got letters saying
    my loans have been cancelled and denided that I need to log
    in to student loan and put in their school code. When I
    withdrew I emailed them called them and everything. They
    still call me 4 to 5 times a week telling me I need to come
    in and talk to them there is a problem with my loans.
    Letter after letter they send call after call they call
    email after eamail they email me. It has gone on now for
    almost 2 months and they won't stop. I am go to WSU now and
    I asked them if something was wrong with my loans and they
    say no they are fine. I have all these things they have
    sent and called and stuff and told them time and time again
    through every thing possible. WHAT THE HALL DO I DO TO GET
    in wichita kansas. Thanks

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