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    Re: What do I do and how do I stop it?

    Posted by karaann07 on 11/11/10

    On 10/18/10, joe niblett wrote:
    > I enrolled at university of phoenix in august this year.
    > The school at that time NEVER asked for my high school
    > records. I found that weird, then saw and heard they were
    > doing some shady things from others. On 8/20/10 I withdrew
    > for the school and did loan change and things to enroll at
    > Wichita State. Every since then I have got letters saying
    > my loans have been cancelled and denided that I need to
    > in to student loan and put in their school code. When I
    > withdrew I emailed them called them and everything. They
    > still call me 4 to 5 times a week telling me I need to
    > in and talk to them there is a problem with my loans.
    > Letter after letter they send call after call they call
    > email after eamail they email me. It has gone on now for
    > almost 2 months and they won't stop. I am go to WSU now
    > I asked them if something was wrong with my loans and they
    > say no they are fine. I have all these things they have
    > sent and called and stuff and told them time and time
    > through every thing possible. WHAT THE HALL DO I DO TO GET
    > in wichita kansas. Thanks

    CAll UoP and tell them not to contact you any longer because
    your loans have been nmoved to another university and you
    are no longer a student there and have no further business
    with them. You may also report them to the Better Business
    Bureau as well. My guess is they just want you to respond so
    they can talk you back into the program and get your loan
    money again.

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