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    Re: auto accident

    Posted by K on 10/28/10

    Your mother had a stop sign so she had the duty to stop.
    The oncoming car (as long as they didn't have a stop sign)
    had the right of way and she pulled into that. She is at
    fault for the accident.

    On 10/27/10, Leona wrote:
    > My mom just got into an accident she had stopped at a stop
    > sign and looked both ways before turning right but a car
    > came and hit her in the passenger side of the car who's
    > fault is it? The officer at the accident said it was her's
    > but if the car hit my mother in the back towards the end of
    > her turning isn't it obvious that the car that hit my
    > speeding and not looking at what he was doing so isn't that
    > driver at fault and not my mother? So isn't the officer
    > wrong in this and the other driver at fault and legally
    > responsible to pay for the damages done to my mother's car?

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