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    Re: auto accident

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, J.D. on 10/31/10

    Not so quick! Leona, study up on the
    concepts of "contributory negligence"
    and "comparative negligence". There is
    more to it all than has been stated
    thus far in this thread, but this is
    something to think about. Good luck!
    Of course, feel free to contact me at or hparkerson@ Again, good luck to
    you and your mother!


    Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    Retired Lawyer after 41 years at the Bar
    Lake Charles, LA, USA and Naples, Italy

    On 10/28/10, K wrote:
    > Your mother had a stop sign so she had the duty to stop.
    > The oncoming car (as long as they didn't have a stop sign)
    > had the right of way and she pulled into that. She is at
    > fault for the accident.
    > On 10/27/10, Leona wrote:
    >> My mom just got into an accident she had stopped at a stop
    >> sign and looked both ways before turning right but a car
    >> came and hit her in the passenger side of the car who's
    >> fault is it? The officer at the accident said it was her's
    >> but if the car hit my mother in the back towards the end of
    >> her turning isn't it obvious that the car that hit my
    > mother
    >> speeding and not looking at what he was doing so isn't that
    >> driver at fault and not my mother? So isn't the officer
    >> wrong in this and the other driver at fault and legally
    >> responsible to pay for the damages done to my mother's car?

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