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    Post: Don't Look at Me! (Humor intended!)

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, J.d. on 10/31/10

    I ain't a-gonna make it!
    There's too many papers,
    Too little money,
    Too many problems for me to solve!
    Everybody's dumpin' his problems on me,
    Sayin', "Lawyer, solve my problems,
    But do it all for free!"
    When I talk about a fee,
    They say, "Don't look at me!"

    (Humor intended!)

    P.S.: That's why I liked handling
    accident cases on a contingent fee.
    The clients didn't care how much you
    charged, just how much money they
    walked out the front door with,
    what they took home, lawyer paid,
    all expenses paid. When an offer
    to settle was made, I'd tell them
    how much money they'd walk out the
    door with and that they did not have
    to sign the settlements unless they
    were happy with that. There is more
    to it all than this, but this is
    something to think about.


    Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    Retired Lawyer - after 41 years at the Bar
    Lake Charles, LA, USA and Naples, Italy
    "There's no such thing as small cases,
    just small lawyers." (Again, humor intended!)
    that if th

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