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    Re: Don't Look at Me! (Humor intended!)

    Posted by old time poster on 11/11/10

    So, Hardy, what happened? I have read about what people have
    said happened to you. Can you talk to us about it? I am sorry
    to ask you about this, but I have years of your posts here
    and am very curious. And sad about it.

    On 10/31/10, Hardy Parkerson, J.d. wrote:
    > I ain't a-gonna make it!
    > There's too many papers,
    > Too little money,
    > Too many problems for me to solve!
    > Everybody's dumpin' his problems on me,
    > Sayin', "Lawyer, solve my problems,
    > But do it all for free!"
    > When I talk about a fee,
    > They say, "Don't look at me!"
    > (Humor intended!)
    > P.S.: That's why I liked handling
    > accident cases on a contingent fee.
    > The clients didn't care how much you
    > charged, just how much money they
    > walked out the front door with,
    > what they took home, lawyer paid,
    > all expenses paid. When an offer
    > to settle was made, I'd tell them
    > how much money they'd walk out the
    > door with and that they did not have
    > to sign the settlements unless they
    > were happy with that. There is more
    > to it all than this, but this is
    > something to think about.
    > Sincerely,
    > Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    > Retired Lawyer - after 41 years at the Bar
    > Lake Charles, LA, USA and Naples, Italy
    > "There's no such thing as small cases,
    > just small lawyers." (Again, humor intended!)
    > that if th

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