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    Re: Newly licensed atty has criminal law query

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, J.D. on 12/13/10

    Dear Brenda,

    As usual, more information than is posed in a
    question is needed for one trained in the law to give you a
    good answer. If you will e-mail me at and tell me more of the details than
    you have stated here, I will get back with you and discuss
    this matter in detail with you. Feel free to e-mail me your
    phone number, and I will call you at my espense and we can
    talk about your legal problem over the phone. Looking forward
    to hearing back from you, I am


    Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
    Tulane Law, Class of 1966
    Retired Lawyer-
    After 41 years at the Bar
    Lake Charles, LA

    P.S.: Of course, there will be no charge whatsoever. HMP

    On 12/09/10, Brenda wrote:
    > I have a question: If an attorney has paid me the settlement
    > that I am entitled to and he knew that there was a
    > subrogation against the settlement amount; can the insurance
    > company sue him or will I be the only one responsible?
    > On 12/07/10, McLeod wrote:
    >> I am a newly licensed attorney and have been purely doing
    >> oil and gas work for the past 6 months. My best friend just
    >> got in a fight outside a bar, and was beaten up pretty
    >> badly, but got a few punches in and hurt one of the
    >> attackers. He has two witnesses that say they attacked him
    >> first and that he acted only in self defense. I have never
    >> been to court except for ex parte divorce hearings, and
    >> would like to attend his court date with him and to help
    >> him to the best of my ability. Can someone point me in the
    >> direction of a book or website that can tell me how best to
    >> represent him? Do I need to file a motion of some sort?
    >> what should I bring with me to court? Im a bit at a loss
    >> and not sure where to look for guidance.
    >> Thank you for any help anyone can offer.

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