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    Post: Very interesting.zenithink zt-180 From SourcingGate

    Posted by EnappineVep on 2/06/11

    Very interesting. I want to know another question. Although nothing to do with the subject, but I still want to know. Because there are a lot of people flow, for asking this question.
    do i buy an ipad or wait for the next? I have al zenithink zt-180 andriod 2.2 From
    trying to decide if i should buy a 16GB wifi ipad from JB hifi or should i wait for the next generation? somebody say Buy, dont buy? Who cares. You'll love it either way. Ifyou can wait 4 months, you'll get a slightly better model.
    Wait 16 months and get an even better one!!!
    but i DONT know how to do??

    Very interesting.zenithink zt-180 From SourcingGate

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  • Very interesting.zenithink zt-180 From SourcingGate, 2/06/11, by EnappineVep.

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