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    Post: Workers Comp

    Posted by vanq on 2/11/11

    I am not sure where to start here, congress, greed,
    corruption, diry sick black hearted evil insurence
    companies, lack of care for human life etc... I will say, I
    am really upset...
    I was a contractor overseas making 120k+ per year for a
    security firm. I had to renew my security clearance and so,
    I took a short break while my clearance was being processed
    and got a US based job scheduled for a month making 24.00
    an hour contracting. My base pay was 7.25 (so they say now=
    it was initially a 50/50 split and they rewrote the
    contract while I was in route) and the rest was considered
    per diem due to the fact that I was 12 hours from home.
    They job site required me to train for 2 weeks on the
    company policies and rules before I was allowed to work on
    the contract.
    I was on the job a total of three days when I was moving a
    very large piece of equipment with the rest of the crew of
    5 guys when I slipped on a pool of water and fell into a
    man hole that was covered by electrical lines and
    airconditioning lines. On the way down, I bashed my back
    but, more importantly, my left foot was tangled in the
    cords which broke my fall and maybe saved my life. The bad
    news is that my foot was twisted in half (sounded like
    crushing celery) and broken really bad... I got up out of
    the hole and almost threw up from the pain, almost passed
    out and decided I needed to get to the emergency room. I
    was stopped in the parking lot almost to my truck by my
    supervisor who said he would drive me. As it turns out, so
    that they could put me on workers comp. I went to an aid
    station at the airport, they x rayed me, confirmed the
    damage and that was it. No pain killers, no ER, nothing for
    two weeks. I was shocked. No one would get me to a doctor
    but the WC as******'s who to date have ruined my life. I
    have lost my house -500k, my truck 38k, and god who knows
    else, I dont have a lot of room to write in this small
    block. So, on to the point. I receive 325.00 every two
    weeks... I have levied, borrowed as much as I can from my
    friends, familly etc... NC will not send me food stamps- I
    have been refused three times. I cant use FL food stamps in
    NC. I live 4300.00 =/- below the average US citizen poverty
    level. I save my pennies for gas. I eat what goats refuse.
    I have to borrow friends and neighbors computers to check
    for my PT appointments. My DoD clearance is f***ed due to
    my financial status and I cant go to work and pay my back
    debt with out my clearance unless I want to ditch my 25
    year career and flip burgers. At present, I am living in my
    rental house and borrowing money from my retired father so
    they do not forclose on it. WTF????????????????????? I am
    still not finished with PT and I have to go to an FCE that
    is controlled by the same people starving me. I requested a
    quick settlement by the WC folks so that I can pay some
    back debt to show uncle sam I can be somewhat reliable but
    now they wont even talk to my attorney who DOESNT EVEN KNOW
    WHAT AMMOUNT TO SETTLE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy mother of god
    is this whole thing rigged. I just want to serve my country
    and I dont care what pain I am in. I am just tired of
    borrowing money and starving. What the hell do I do??? On
    tuesday, if I dont come up with 7k for back debt, I loose
    my last chance at going back over seas. I loose my DoD and
    my DoS clearance chances. I have already lost my DoS. NO
    ONE CARES. Niether do I, I just want my life back. The WC
    people are holding it hostage...

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