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    Re: electrosensitivity and the ADA

    Posted by Irma Lee Gonzales on 7/08/11

    On 6/14/11, Brucie Wayne wrote:
    > On 6/14/11, Brucie Wayne wrote:
    >> On 4/09/11, Linda Bertram wrote:
    >>> We are a group of homeowners trying to fight the planned
    >>> installation of smart meters to all homes, businesses, and
    >>> schools in our community. This technology will blanket the
    >>> entire area with a mesh network of yet another layer of RF
    >>> radiation, specifically dirty electricity. It will make it
    >>> extremely difficult for people with electromagnetic
    >>> sensitivity (ES)to access buildings in town, work, or even
    >>> live comfortably and safely in their own homes. This seems
    >>> discriminatory to us and in violation of the ADA law.
    >>> Further, many scientific studies show harm from RF and
    >>> people with already-installed smart meters have been getting
    >>> sick. There has been NO long term testing of these devices.
    >>> Can you advise us of our rights or point us in the
    >>> direction of cases involving accommodations for people with
    >>> ES? Thank you so much.
    >> Terribly sorry, however I'm not sure how this would hold in
    court. I understand I
    >> am not a lawyer or attorney however electromagnetic
    sensitivity is not fully
    >> proven. The World Health Organization actually said that
    there is no link to
    >> electromagnetism playing a part in electromagnetic
    sensitivity. It could be a
    >> misdiagnosis, speaking of minsdiagnosises have you been
    properly diagnosed
    >> by a doctor? You could just be calling an illness you have by
    another name, like
    >> calling the common cold photosensitivity. Sorry if this came
    off as rude but I do
    >> not think you have much to attack with. Unless you have solid
    proof that this is
    >> your illness and that this is what is affecting you instead
    of a self-diagnosis
    >> you're not going to get very far.
    > Correction : misdiagnoses

    Look up electronic harassment. You will see what is happening
    to some of us. People in the service (army, navy, etc, have
    complained about the same things along with veneral diseases
    given to them by a needle to see how the body reacts to it.
    Don't let people fool you, it happens and they don't seem to
    stop. Correction:misdiagnoses needs an education. Keep on
    looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irma

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