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    Re: blackmailed and extorted during divorce.

    Posted by David Frank on 6/02/11

    One more thing the ammount i am expected to pay is 925.00 or
    the next 15 months so i dont know why am paying this ?? has
    a to with a refrigerator i know nothing about...since i gave
    her 2500.00 bed 3200 washer dyrer and everything in the
    house. all am saying is for years i warned my troops
    abpout people like this. they prey on military people and
    take them for what the goverment will give them... never
    thought it would happen to me but it did...... her last
    husband a OFFICER i guess tried to KILL her ...maybe that
    was a
    sign ????
    On 6/02/11, David Frank wrote:
    > I have a small problem, My wife of 1.5 years pressed
    > domestic voilence charges in mar2007, i forced from my
    > scratching my head thinking REALLY? Never touched her or
    > wanted anything to do with her.. since she is very verbal
    > and abusive. i had to hire 2 lawyers one crimal and one
    > divorce. i was told i would have to pay half the house
    > note and expensive..meanwhile living in cheap hotels. 5
    > months later. she BROKE the court order Not to talk. and
    > called my lawyer appoligizing..that she wasnt thinking
    > clearly...and took me back !!! i had no choice i was
    > Broke.and no where to go. we both taleked and agreed we
    > have to get a divorce. i was transfered 1100 miles away
    > with the verbal agreement ..sell the house GET A DIVORCE.
    > years went by and she refused to do so ..i was paying for
    > houses. doing what the courts ordered me to do.. i even
    > did 2years she would not go to jail for
    > LYING. last time we talk face to face in jun 2009 she
    > promised me to sell the home again. jan 2010 i had to
    > move and was broke and could no longer afford both... she
    > told me if i stopped paying she would throw Domestic
    > volicence charges on ...well she did and lied again. and
    > the courts believed her of course.
    > i had petioned for divorce 2 more times once on my own in
    > mississippi and the other in virginia beach va.... my
    > lawyer said it would be 5000.00 before it was all done of
    > course she fought for really nothing and it ended up
    > costing 12,000. and in the end HER lawyer Blackmailed
    > into signing what her client wanted OR spend a year in
    > JAIL..for what??? because her client extorted money,
    > Blackmailed me Threatened me and put me so far in
    > never going to debit is
    > 120,000.00. i am a DISABLED Veteran. still active but
    > will be processed out because of PTSD. TBI, She Held me
    > hostage for 4 years and the courts LOVE her because she
    > LOVES drama... and likes people to feel sorry for her.. to
    > me she is evil..and with the added bonus of her father
    > being very wealthy and her brother in charge of the
    > washington dc.. its a endless stuggle to clear my
    > NAME...... what can i do ???

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