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    Re: civil rights/freedom

    Posted by Irma Lee Gonzales on 7/02/11

    On 7/01/11, Irma Lee Gonzales wrote:
    > President Lincoln said "If you deny someone freedom than
    > you should not have freedom yourself" that is what I read
    > today. And that is what the ACLU stands for too. But,
    > they can't answer every letter either. How come their are
    > so many lost souls because they don't have enough people
    > answer letters or calls? I hate when I see or hear a
    > shown "don't cash your check today, you just might get
    > an accident because you just got paid". Do we need these
    > studies? No we don't. A waste of money in certain jobs.
    > We need to help the real people, we could do those studies
    > for free, just give a comment. I am just tired of people
    > with their gravy jobs while people live in the streets.
    > Just my opinion.

    Today on saturday july 2, 2011 a police officer passed me
    by and opened his mouth real big, like a big yawn. My perps
    have done that to me for so long and now a police officer
    did that.....I have called all the people who did that to
    me "blow job", that's the only reason I can think of, they
    are not yawning, they are opening their mouths real big and
    it happens when they see me. Most people cover their
    mouths, they don't. I can't see why they do this, I look at
    the person driving behind me...what the hell? Do you think
    they get it yet? I am not looking for a man like you are
    behaving and women have done the same thing! LOL. Get a
    life perps.................I like gentelmen, and I believe
    their are still some are just not one
    of them.

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