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    Post: ex spouse overstepping his boundaries

    Posted by S G on 7/03/11

    Divorced,one child from that marriage (10yo), two children
    are not (18yo and 15yo). Went out of town for one week,
    left 15 yo home to supervise himself with "nearby" adults
    checking in on him. Ex husband (not father of 15yo) came to
    my home, threatened child protective services and/or police
    stating this was illegal for 15yo to be there alone. Made
    15yo leave with him. Left my dog unattended for 2 days
    inside home. Refused to bring 15yo back unless
    he "approved" of my new arrangements. I arranged for my
    18yo daughter to stay with 15yo at my home, exhusband said
    he didn't "know" whether or not she had legal right to be
    there so he called my leasing office and they released info
    to him regarding whom is listed on my lease. Throughout
    this ordeal, I received several threatening emails
    regarding police involvement to foster care. The ex said
    more than once that he was within his legal rights to do
    all of this. I was very careful (I thought) before I left
    town and checked CO law regarding leaving a minor at home.
    Besides the fact that he is not his parent, did he have any
    legal rights to do all these things and if not..what can I
    do to prevent this in the future?

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