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    Post: electronic harrasment/civil rights

    Posted by Irma Lee Gonzales on 7/07/11

    There is a pig and his girlfriend living in my apartment
    building and know wants to seem to find them. I have
    complained. They should get their own u-tube internet
    business going. I complain, they seem to spy on me in the
    bathroom and bedroom. It's funny they leave them alone. I
    guess it's everyone's free saturday night show. Cheap if
    you ask me........I don't own a camera on my psyco dog......put your honey on
    it...I guess she already is....freebies from the
    dogs.....she seems to love it, she hollers at me for
    him...I think he's not too interested in you likes spying on people he would never
    be around...maybe someday SHE will get it.....dumb, dumb,
    and dumber.....

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